Class of 1996

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Last Name (Maiden Name) First Name E-mail
Abazie (Johnson) Anna N/A
Allene Nathan
Anderson Kristi
Austin Ian
Austin Ian
Baas John
Beckler (Martin) Erica
Bell Mary Holley
Bell Mary Holley
Berg Ashley
Betts Kelly
Bhuvasorakul Elena
Bilenky Elizabeth
Borders (Fisher) Rebecca
Butler Carin
Clark (Clark) Amanda
Clark Amanda
Clark Casey
Coburn Celena
Cooksey Tricia
Cooper Ann
Couch (Caire) Betsy
Cunningham Katie
Dagostino Michael
Dagostino Michael
Dagostino Michael
Damm (McCusker) Sarah
Davey Andrea
De Pasquale (De Pasquale) Lisa
DeCastro (same) Dayle
Derrenberger Sandy
Derrenberger (Cable) Sarah
Desai Ashish
Dupree Leslie Erin
Fish (Haggerty) Ivy
Flavin Mark
Forster Brian
Forster Brian
Fraser (Bricker) Rachel
Gaskin Carla
gregor jenny
Grover (Rayman) Heather
Heys (Gustafson) Belinda
Heys (Gustafson) Belinda
Hickey Brian
Hickey (Long) Shari
Holmes Adrianne
Holzer Margaret
Holzer Margaret
Howard (Pecorino) Breeze
Howard (Austin) Lorenzo
Hudgins Lee
Hunter (Blakely) Monica
Imus Erin
Johnson Hannah N/A
Kirkby Kristin
Knowlton (Kellogg) Terry N/A
Koikos Katerina
LaRosa Dayna
Lashley (Castro) Mayra
Livings Jennifer
Lynch (Lynch) Michelle
Lynch Michelle
Maroney Colleen
McBrayer (Hamrick) Allison
McDaniel Kenneth
Meyer Lauren
Michael McHargue
Moulton (Gregor) Jenny
Padgett Lori
Pence (Townsend) Angie
Pence Jason
Pernell (Field) Katie
Rackley (Clark) Bethany
Ramsey Amanda
Recio Jason
Recio Jason
Rockenstein Kurt
Salerno (Raynor) Molly
Sauers Kristy
Sauers Kristy
Seeders (Spangler) Melodie
Shi Lewis
Simpson Mark
Stewart (Davis) Leslie
Swain Nathan
Sykes (Sykes) Jordan
Taylor Brian
Taylor Brian
Thomas Stacey
Thompson (Renee Wright) Renee
Thompson Stephanie
Toney Lisa
Tucker Adam
VanLandingham (Bhuvasorakul) Elena
Viglione Jennifer
vogeler (mcmillan) mandi FSUCHARLI13@YAHOO.COM
Wallace Michelle
Watts, Jr. Ben
Watts, Jr. Ben
Webster Sir'Teria
Whitfield Josh
Winegard (Carlile) Kari Leigh
Wyman (Stanford ) Lynn
Young (Gilliam) Wanda


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